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Engage your audience with dynamic learning experiences


I'm on a mission

to revolutionize

the way we

gather and learn. 


You’ve done the sit-and-listen lecture-and-slideshow based programs a hundred times, and it's just not delivering results.

You notice people distractedly checking their phones and you wonder how much of this they will even retain.

You can envision the room filled with energy, engagement, profound insight, and meaningful connections, but you just don’t know how to get there.

Together, we have an amazing opportunity to create a new paradigm of adult learning and education.


The art of Experience Design helps you intentionally craft an event to maximize the experience of each participant, and is based on taking participants on a transformative journey that is interactive, engaging, actionable and fun.


As an Experience Designer, I help you transform information into experiences so you can engage your audience and produce profound impact and lasting results. 


I specialize in experiential learning, which helps participants learn through their own direct experience in the moment, and then apply that learning to other real life situations. 


I design and facilitate exercises that are thematically aligned with your objectives, so that the experiences themselves deliver the lessons and insights you are wanting your audience to have.


I love working on events with large groups of people from hundreds to thousands, and am an expert at scaling intimacy - making a crowd of 100 people feel like a gathering of 10. ​​

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Learn the essential frameworks and mindsets of Experience Design and how you can apply them to the programs you produce.

These intensive trainings can be run internally for HR and L+D teams, or offered to the public.


Planning an off-site, leadership summit, internal conference or onboarding program? I can help you develop and sequence exercises and activities that deliver profound results, as well as support with the facilitation of the event itself.

Jenny is available for booking at your next conference, offsite, festival or experience! 

Sample topics include: experience design, facilitating something awesome, creating connection, building culture and community through events.

Play on Purpose

video tutorial library

Building connection starts here.

Instantly expand your repertoire of meaningful exercises to engage your group with Play On Purpose. Search the on-demand video tutorial library of 80+ virtual & in-person games and find the perfect activity in minutes.
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Scaling Intimacy 

experience design training

Learn how to build connection and design transformative events

In this highly experiential two-day intensive training and design sprint, you will learn how to design both in-person and virtual experiences that maximize the impact for attendees, so that participants walk away feeling transformed, inspired, and part of a community.

My practice is guided by four design pillars


Avoid boredom at all costs! Our approach shifts employees from passive receivers to active participants. The average adult attention span is 8 seconds. If you don’t present information in a dynamic way that captures attention, you simply can’t make an impact.


No more information overwhelm! Instead of abstract concepts or theories, we help you determine what information is most vital in the moment and how to make it immediately tangible and practical.


Every in-person program is an opportunity to create connection and community. Rather than long lectures from one person at the front of the room, our exercises help participants actively learn from each other, creating deeper personal and professional relationships


Everyone wants to have more fun! A playful approach takes the pressure off of learning new skills, and actually helps build new neural pathways, increasing problem-solving skills, creativity and innovation. 


-Tia Newcomer, VP Marketing, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

"Jenny mixes a powerful combination of play with tools for teams to work through transitions, culture issues and creativity breakthroughs. She never crosses the line into 'hokey' and keeps teams out of their comfort zone while learning and having fun. If you're looking to lead your team to a new level of engagement, Jenny and her team will take you there.”


Jenny Sauer-Klein is passionate about designing transformational experiences that prioritize connection over content, and regularly consults for organizations like Google, Airbnb, Dropbox and the Haas School of Business. She is the founder and CEO of the Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design, which trains event leaders to strategically weave connection into the fabric of their events. She created Play On Purpose, a video tutorial library with over 80 of her best virtual and in-person team building games, to support facilitators to confidently engage and connect groups and teams. In her previous career as the co-founder of AcroYoga, she successfully scaled an international brand, community and organization with millions of practitioners. She is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc., as well as Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans.


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