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Experience Design Training

for Internal Teams

If your organization wants to attract and retain the best new talent, your in-person programs and trainings are a not-to-be-missed opportunity to engage and develop every employee with actionable hands-on learning.
Often times the people tasked with organizing internal programs have never received formal training in designing events and experiences. With a lack of training in how to approach the design, many events become a random checklist of activities that deliver unpredictable and inconsistent results.
For practitioners who have previously received training, it likely varies widely from person to person, creating a knowledge gap that takes time and energy to bridge.
After an Experience Design Training, your team will be able to produce transformative events and experiences that create exponential impact for your employees, in less time than ever before.

Training Outcomes:

Each team member will learn to think like an Experience Designer, and will be able to apply new skills and mindsets to all of the programs at your company, now and in the future.
Time-tested Experience Design frameworks will shave years off of trial and error, and develop your team's confidence in delivering an outstanding experience that leaves participants transformed, energized and inspired.
Tools like the "Optimal Sequence for a Live Event Template" can be used over and over again to predictably deliver profound results, and streamline the planning process.
Your team will: ​
  • Design curriculum that has a dramatic arc and takes participants on a transformational journey
  • Develop a common vocabulary and methodology for designing events that creates continuity in all of your programs
  • Turn concepts into experiences that make the learning tangible, practical and immediate
  • Learn parameters for how to design your own exercises from scratch
  • Seamlessly engineer the most amount of impact in the least amount of time
  • Develop programs based on the experiential learning model that are engaging, interactive and fun!

Why train your team in Experience Design?

An Experience Design Training is appropriate for team members who are just starting out, as well as for team members who have been designing and leading events for years.
This may be for you and your team if:
  • You work in HR, L+D, People Ops, D+I or a similar role in an organization and are in charge of creating events like team building workshops, onboarding, annual off-sites, leadership development, executive retreats or training programs.
  • You are creating a new event or you are re-designing an existing event.
  • You find the event planning process daunting, frustrating, confusing or overwhelming.
  • You want to move away from lectures and slideshows where participants are passive receivers, and move towards experiential learning models where participants are actively engaged.
  • You believe learning experiences can be fun, and can create lasting transformation for attendees.


About the Training:


Trainings are delivered in an intensive format, on-site and in-person with Jenny and her team.
You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 Day Trainings.
Overview of Experience Design theory, principles, frameworks, and mindsets.
Application of principles, and practice designing actual programs and events with feedback.
How to deliver your design in front of the room for maximum impact, with practice facilitation in small groups and personalized feedback from Jenny and her team.
All participants will receive a workbook with Experience Design materials and resources that can be used over and over for future events, as well as a Lifetime membership to Play On Purpose, Jenny's online video library of team building games and activities.
Interested in bringing an
Experience Design Training to your organization?
Contact me below to set up a time to chat!

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