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An Experience Design + Facilitation Training
 Through the Lens of Connection
Learn how to design events that build meaningful connections, and help participants learn with and from each other.


Whether you create programs for internal employees, your client’s team, or your own audience, knowing how to facilitate events that are interactive and engaging is an essential leadership skill that is only growing in demand.

When you prioritize connection, it unlock a group’s highest capacities, and creates an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging.
In this highly experiential 4 day intensive training, you will learn how to design and facilitate experiences that maximize the impact for attendees, so that participants walk away feeling transformed, inspired, and part of a community. 

The training is in two parts.


Part 1 is focused on Experience Design, where you will plan the content of your event and how to sequence it. Instead of assuming that connections will happen by default in the hallway or during a happy hour, you will learn how to strategically build connection into the fabric of your event. You will apply the Dramatic Arc Event Template to shave years off of trial and error in your planning process, and consistently deliver an outstanding experience. 


In the first 2 days, you will learn how to: ​

  • Scale intimacy, making a group of 300 feel like a gathering of 30

  • Turn abstract concepts into direct experiences that engage participants 

  • Design a debrief process that makes the learning actionable and immediately relevant

  • Develop a methodology that creates continuity in all of your programs

  • Design curriculum that takes participants on a transformative journey

  • Create programs based on the experiential learning model that are engaging, interactive and fun!



Part 2 is focused on Facilitating Your Design, where you will practice delivering your content with real time feedback from Jenny, her team, and your peers to help you gain confidence and to sharpen your skills.. You will learn the 5 steps to Great Facilitation and how to apply them to your specific circumstances, whether you are leading a meeting, workshop, retreat or training.  

As you practice facilitating your design, you will learn how to: ​

  • Connect with a group as deeply as you can one-on-one

  • Relate to an audience of any size with comfort, confidence, and authenticity

  • Use playful exercises to get a group to gel and drop in quickly

  • Help participants open up and opt-in to sharing vulnerably

  • Level the playing field when you have participants with varying degrees of experience

  • Balance having a plan with being spontaneous and improvising in the moment

  • Work with nervousness and performance anxiety

  • Develop a natural, engaging and dynamic presence 


This training is for all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. It is ideal for you if:

  • You work in HR, People Ops, L+D, Talent, Culture, DEI or a similar role in an organization and are in charge of creating events like teambuilding workshops, annual off-sites, executive retreats or training programs.

  • You are a coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator or event producer wanting to bring more expertise to the events you design and deliver for your clients.

  • You are an entrepreneur, author, or speaker wanting to turn your thought leadership into an experiential event, like a workshop, training course, certification or conference.


  • You are creating a new event from scratch or you are re-designing an existing event.

  • You find the event planning process daunting, frustrating, confusing or overwhelming.

  • You want to develop your confidence leading groups in live events, programs and trainings.

  • You want a safe space to practice honing your craft with a group of high caliber peers who will help you grow.

  • You want to move away from lectures and slideshows where participants are passive receivers, and move towards experiential learning models where participants are actively engaged.

  • You believe learning experiences can be fun, and can create lasting transformation for attendees.


You can take Part 1 as a stand-alone program for the Experience Design portion, or you can continue with Part 2, where we will dive into facilitation skills and practice facilitating elements that you designed in Part 1.

Part 2 cannot be taken on it's own, as the first two days of the training lay the foundation for you to excel during the 2nd part. The more skilled you are as an experience designer, the easier your job becomes as a facilitator.

Space is limited!




"Learn to create transformational experiences from a pro! Jenny gifts you tools to walk out of the workshop with new skills in action." -Jennifer Conti-Davies, Director of Leadership Development, Verizon Media

"I got the structures and best practices that I can implement to improve my workshops, but even more importantly I got the felt experience of being in front of the room and getting direct feedback." - Michael Costuros, Executive Coach & Founder of Entrepreneur Awakening

"I had been researching many approaches to group work and this material has been the most grounded, thought through, and applicable. Jenny will give your the tools and structure to transform your content into an experience." - Kasha Frese, Senior Marketing Manager, Vituity

"Jenny has a profound way of holding space in group settings which creates a safe, intimate, yet playful environment. Her ability to read and respond to the dynamic energy of groups is extraordinary. She is a true teacher to the teachers."  - Monisha Chandanani, Executive Leadership Coach


  • Training from 10am-5:15pm each day, with a 75min break for lunch

  • Comprehensive worksheets, resources and support materials

  • Invaluable connections to a high caliber peer group of experience designers and facilitators

  • Snacks + Refreshments


  • Our venue is Poet's Corner, a beautiful learning environment with lots of natural light, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and plants everywhere. It is conveniently located in northwest Berkeley, just off the I-80 and a short Lyft/Uber from Downtown Berkeley BART.




Early Bird, by December 1st:

Experience Design + Facilitation (All 4 days) = $1750

Experience Design only (First 2 days) = $1200


General Admission, after December 1st:

Experience Design + Facilitation (All 4 days) = $1950

Experience Design only (First 2 days) = $1400



Come with friends or colleagues and share the learning experience. Groups of 3 or more get 20% off. Email Jenny directly for discount code with the names of your group -


This training is an introduction to a large body of work, and is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to consider the 6 month EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING Mastermind program, which is for 12 experienced practitioners who are ready for a deep dive in this craft. 

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